NEWS17 March 2023

Route invites bids for OOH measurement contract

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UK – Out-of-home (OOH) audience measurement organisation Route has issued an invitation for partners to design a measurement system for poster and screen-based OOH advertising.

Denise Turner

The contract would cover collecting and collating travel and OOH exposure data, processing data, modelling reach and frequency estimates for all posters and screens in Great Britain, and how to publish the data in the most accessible way.

Ipsos is the current contract holder, having first been awarded the contract in 2008 and the latest renewal having taken place last year.

Interested parties are being asked to submit responses by April 2023, and the new contract will come into effect in 2025 and run for a minimum of five years.

Denise Turner (pictured), chief executive at Route, said: “We’re delivering greater insight into OOH as a result of investment in and improvements to the currency than ever before.

“Yet now is the time to take the next step and seek out partners to help us go even further and provide greater innovation and time sensitivity from Route.

“This is crucial given the quick measurement of newly-built inventory is key for our users.”