NEWS25 May 2010

Rocket Fuel signs up for Nielsen purchase data

North America Technology

US— Online display advertising agency Rocket Fuel has struck a deal with Nielsen to use the latter’s aggregated consumer purchase data to help marketers reach their intended audiences via the web.

Under the terms of the agreement Rocket Fuel will use Nielsen’s offline sales data to create model groups of consumers with specific brand affinities. The advertising agency will then identify “lookalike” consumers online that advertisers can target.

Rocket Fuel CEO George John (pictured) said: “Our first major campaign with a well-known toothpaste brand clearly showed the value of using Nielsen data to reach desired audiences. We look forward to helping more brands optimise the way they reach real-world shoppers.

“With the Nielsen data we fill a huge gap for many brand marketers who want to go beyond reaching clickers to finding the people that actually walk into stores and buy their products.”