NEWS28 February 2011

Robert Winston on public engagement with science


“We have something of a crisis on our hands in understanding how the research that we do as scientists… is actually relevant to the population in general.”

Speaking at last week’s Healthcare Research Conference, Professor Robert Winston reflects on successes and failures of public engagement with science. The failures, he says, are more common.


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12 years ago

As an attendee at this event, I found Prof Winston's presentation fascinating. He made a very powerful case for addressing the potential damage to progress caused by a failure to engage and clearly communicate to the public. It is worth reflecting on the the parallels for the research industry... His comments at the start of his presentation were also interesting. As well as mentioning our 'love of jargon' I felt it was also telling that he 'doesn't quite understand our language' - more than a little concerning to hear that from someone of his intellect! Well done to the Research/MRS for organising such a thought-provoking keynote!

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