NEWS8 April 2020

Rise in people seeking connection from media

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UK – Media consumption has continued to rise during the Covid-19 outbreak, with a Havas Media Group study suggesting a greater need for connection as well as information. 

Person using a TV remote control

Almost two-thirds ( 64%) of respondents claim to be watching more live television than they did prior to the outbreak, a net increase of 15% in the last two weeks, the Covid-19 Media Behaviours Report found.

Havas Media Group conducted its second survey over a 24-hour period from 30th-31st March, with 1,487 nationally representative respondents. The first was conducted 17th-18th March.

Information remains the biggest need for respondents when it comes to media consumption, according to the research – 76% said information has become more valuable to them since the beginning of the outbreak.

However, the study suggests ‘connection’ is becoming a greater need for people, with almost half ( 48%) of respondents saying it has become more important to them during the outbreak (a 17% net increase since the first study). ‘Escapism’ and ‘inspiration’ both saw increases of 15%.

The BBC continues to be the most trusted news source studied, with 69% of respondents citing it as a brand they trust for factually correct information about the virus (a 5% net increase compared with the first report).

The latest report also found an increase in the number of respondents claiming to watch more video on-demand platforms (up 22%), visiting social media platforms more ( 21%) and increasing their use of streaming platforms such as Netflix ( 16%).

Eva Grimmett, chief strategy officer, Havas Media Group, said: “This latest iteration of our report shows a further swing towards trusted and meaningful media channels and brands during the Covid-19 outbreak, with more growth for live TV, the BBC and news brands. It’s fascinating to see the changing needs of consumers reflected, with people seeking out connection, escapism and inspiration from media, as they look for ways to cope with the situation.”