NEWS17 April 2020

Commercial radio boosted by home working

Covid-19 Media News UK

UK – Over a third of commercial radio listeners surveyed by industry body Radiocentre are spending an additional hour and 45 minutes listening a day.


The survey found that commercial radio listeners are tuning in for an average of 26 hours a week. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, the average time spent listening was around 14 hours a week, according to Radiocentre.

The organisation commissioned DRG to conduct the survey of 1,027 listeners of commercial radio. Across the sample, 38% claimed to be listening to more radio, while 48% said they were listening to the same amount, and 15% were listening less.

Of those who usually work at an employer’s premises but are now working from home, 45% said they are listening to the radio more.

The majority ( 90%) of respondents agreed that commercial radio ‘keeps them in touch with the outside world’ and 89% agreed it ‘keeps them informed’, while 68% agreed it offers ‘trusted news’.

Siobhan Kenny, chief executive at Radiocentre, said: “With so many of us confined to our homes, either working or self-isolating, we are seeing shifts in media consumption across the UK. In these strangest of times, we are all finding our own ways to cope, and I am grateful that radio is proving such a consistent source of comfort and trusted news to so many.”