NEWS4 September 2009

RIM to quiz BlackBerry users for insights

North America Technology

US— Smartphone manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) is recruiting a panel of BlackBerry owners, IT administrators and company partners to take part in monthly surveys.

The company put out an open call for new recruits on its blog this week, but each would-be panel member will first be asked to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire.

RIM’s market research panel is being built on technology developed by Vision Critical, which recently worked with mobile phone retailer Phones4u on the launch of its uBar online research community.

BlackBerry users who qualify to join the panel will be asked for their views on “a variety of topics” around RIM’s products and services, according to Douglas Soltys, editor-in-chief of the Inside BlackBerry blog.

RIM’s technology is widely used in the business world and has started gaining traction in the wider consumer market. But it faces stiff competition on both fronts from Apple’s iPhone and other smart phone products, including the recently launched Palm Pre.