NEWS24 October 2023

Revenues up at System1

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UK – Marketing decision-making platform System1 has increased revenues by 55% for the third quarter of 2023, its latest financial results show.

Business data

The company said that in the three months ending 30th September 2023, revenue for its Predict Your products rose 57% from £3.2m in the second quarter to £5m.

Revenue for its Improve Your series of tools grew to £1m from the previous quarter, up 49%, equating to an overall 55% rise in revenue across all product lines.

Total group revenue, including non-platform consultancy, grew by £1.9m, or 35%, compared with the previous quarter, with particularly strong growth seen in Europe and the UK. 

System1 also acquired more than 100 new clients in the first half of 2023, the company said. The business has has operations in the UK, US, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and Australia.  

James Gregory, chief executive at System1 Group, said: “Marketers are seeking confidence that their creative concepts will both resonate and drive business success. These latest revenue figures demonstrate the confidence and value System1 brings to an increasing number of clients.”