NEWS25 March 2010

Research Panel Asia launches in South Korea

Asia Pacific

SOUTH KOREA— Research Panel Asia’s South Korean subsidiary has started recruitment activty for a new online panel service in the country.

Headed by president Shogo Nakazato, Research Panel Korea aims to recruit 100,000 members in its first year.

The firm has struck a deal with online shopping mall Interpark that will allow panel members to convert panel points into cash which they can spend at the website.

Nakazato said: “It is really exciting to have this opportunity of developing a high-quality and high-performance online panel in Korea. We believe only a useful online service will produce a good online research product, as we successfully developed panels in Japan and China, and will keep that approach in Korea as well.

“Our agreement with, for a point exchange and panel building, is a huge achievement for us to start with from the said policy, and we will continue our effort to add more and more partners for a better panel and a better service for our panelists.”