NEWS8 October 2009

Rentrak bags Jewelry TV measurement deal

New business North America

US— Audience measurement firm Rentrak has been awarded a contract by Jewelry Television to identify and target consumers who watch TV shopping channels.

The firm will use its TV Essentials audience analysis tool, which uses second-by-second viewing data from digital set-top boxes, to carry out the task for the shopping channel, which airs 24 hours a day and claims to be the 11th largest jewellery retailer in the US.

Jewelry Channel president and CEO Tim Matthews said: “Given the current economic climate, it is more essential than ever for Jewelry Television to understand the viewing patterns of our audience so that we can programme more effectively for our customers, assess the impact of new and existing product offerings and promote additional tune-in to our network.”

The network is un-rated by Nielsen, the currency provider of TV audience data in the US, so “has never before been able to study how viewers are consuming their content,” said Carol Hinnant, Rentrak’s senior vice president of business development in the advanced media and information division.