NEWS8 October 2015

Regional media ads ‘more trustworthy’

News UK

UK — Online advertising on regional as opposed to national newspaper sites is seen as more trustworthy, more relevant and more likely to prompt a purchase, according to research.

Ads on local media sites are 17% more likely to be considered relevant and 19% more likely to be viewed as trustworthy than ads on national newspaper sites, according to the research from comScore in partnership with 1XL. They are also apparently more effective, with 31% more people likely to visit a store and 27% more people likely to buy a product in response to local media site ads than national newspaper site ads.

Nearly half ( 49%) of local media site users say ads are a useful prompt about new products and services – 20% more than those saying the same about ads on national newspaper sites.

“Our research makes clear the fact that those brands which predominately focus on national advertising could be missing a trick,” said Toby Crisp, director of Data Services at comScore. “In a misguided attempt to maximise the number of people viewing their ads, it’s likely they are missing out on more trusted, more relevant and more effective advertising.”

The study gathered views from 3,300 people.