NEWS11 May 2015

RealityMine expands into Hispanic market

News North America

UK — Mobile market research tech company RealityMine has launched its syndicated TouchPoints research service into the US Hispanic consumer market.


The TouchPoints Hispanic panel will be comprised of 2,000 English-speaking, bi-lingual and Spanish-dominant consumers.

Field data collection includes passive mobile monitoring and eDiary data collection of contextual variables such as location, activities, social setting, mood/emotion and media exposure, with data available in the summer of 2015.

Garry Partington, RealityMine CEO said: “US Hispanics represent the world’s 16th largest economy. With the Hispanic consumer a critically important factor in the growth and health of all brands, it is vital that marketers gain a better understanding of how this consumer goes about their daily lives and interacts with media.”

TouchPoints has been in the field in the US since 2012.

RealityMine plans to expand its passive mobile/behavioural data collection to 20 new markets worldwide this year, including China, India, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.