NEWS25 November 2020

Realise launches marketing value tool

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UK – Data science and analytics consultancy Realise Unlimited has published a new lifetime value (LTV) modelling tool for marketing campaigns.

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Realise’s tool will help identify key moments in an overall marketing campaign that have the greatest impact on future customer value. LTV models help businesses ascertain future value that can be derived from their marketing.

The enhanced version of the Realise LTV tool will incorporate decision support engines to asses the impact of strategic customer management decisions, including for acquisition, loyalty scheme benefits and retention incentives.

An interactive dashboard will also be included in the Realise LTV tool. Realise Unlimited is part of the Unlimited group of companies, and was founded in 2007 as Model Citizens, with a rebrand completed last year.

Stephen Welch, managing director of Realise, said: “Realise’s approach offers a clear understanding of the impact of marketing (and other business decisions) on the future value of the customer base, a framework to enable planning around the long-term value of customers and the capacity to identify future high value look-a-likes for acquisition/growth investment.”