NEWS1 September 2011

Raspberry adds TNS’s Ryan to team

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AUSTRALIA— Lee Ryan has joined Raspberry Innovation Research & Strategy in Melbourne following an 11-year run with TNS.

At TNS, Ryan (pictured) was regional head of qualitative research for Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America and was based in Singapore. She oversaw the practice across 32 markets and was responsible for new developments in digital ethnography and co-creation processes.

Raspberry was formed by a trio of ex-TNS researchers. One of the co-founders, Evette Cordy, said: “Having worked closely with Lee for over eight years on global qualitative innovation programmes, it’s great to be working together again. She is a highly creative, front-end innovation specialist who adds further depth to our team and rapidly growing local and global client base.”


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13 years ago

Interesting. I just read a comment earlier in the article about Jan's return to TNS/Kantar. And then this, and the one about Bernice. (and surely others moving out from other agencies too - not just TNS/KANTAR!!) Surely this talent movement out of the top networks and agencies is what needs to be debated. Is it an acceptable industry norm on the rise(that's good news for recruiting agencies) or is it highlighting poor talent management and appreciation within the premier agencies. Cant the best networks absorb the ambition of these talents, or are they happy to let them go? If I was a client it would be difficult for me to invest in a relationship with a partner agency that doesn't recognize and nurture talents.

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