NEWS21 March 2013

Ramius in Latin American team-up with eCGlobal

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CANADA — Social software firm Ramius Corporation has entered into a partnership with online research tools provider eCGlobal Solutions to grow the Latin American marketplace for its online marketing research platform Recollective.

The company plans to push Recollective into Latin America following its launch in the US in 2011 while eCGlobal Solutions sees the partnership as addressing a need for ad-hoc or “pop-up” research communities.

“eCGlobal Solutions has pioneered the development of online communities and online panels in Latin America over the past seven years. This partnership with Ramius adds an agile tool for creating online qualitative studies and “popup” communities to eCGlobal’s suite of innovative solutions,” said Adriana Rocha, co-founder and CEO of eCGlobal Solutions.