NEWS19 October 2016

RadiumOne launches programmatic optimisation division

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UK — Data-driven marketing company RadiumOne has launched Creative Solutions, a division specialising in producing and managing creative to be served programmatically. 

The aim of the division is to improve the creative quality of ads served programmatically, by ensuring that the mechanics of how ad exchanges assess and potentially deliver ads is more heavily factored into the process of creating ads.

This is intended to ensure that fewer ads are rejected and more appear correctly in the environment they're delivered to. 

“There’s been a lot of crowing around programmatic creative but the reality is there’s too much of a gap between people creating ads, and those responsible for delivering them programmatically, to deliver the potential that advertisers are after,” said Emma Hazlehurst (pictured), who will head up the division.

“Making the end user experience as engaging as possible whilst ensuring your creative isn’t rejected by exchanges involves experience and skill because not all exchanges have the same specs and it often involves rigorous testing to ensure creatives appear correctly in each environment.”