NEWS5 March 2012

Radio ads promote research in Germany


GERMANY — Germany’s research industry has launched a new radio ad campaign encouraging the public to take part in market research.

The ads assure the public that “every voice counts”, reminding them that research participants’ data is strictly protected and that sales pitches are not allowed.

The campaign is led by the Initiative Markt- und Sozialforschung (Market and Social Research Initiative) which was set up in 2008 to improve the industry’s image and make clearer the distinction between research and marketing.

The six 30-second spots, which will air on public and commercial stations across Germany from now until April, follow an earlier campaign which also included online, print and outdoor ads.

The campaign, backed by four German research associations, is also being supported by the sales arm of public service broadcasting consortium ARD, as well as Radio Marketing Service, which sells media on behalf of 148 stations, and radio industry body Radiozentrale.

The research associations also plan to hold a second Market Research Day in June, giving agencies the chance to demonstrate to the public what they do.


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10 years ago

Interesting on several levels i.e. industry awareness and image, helping to push beyond so called 'groupies', particularly if it's about 'every voice counting' and not just quick cash, and synergistic with the more democratic brandscape these days. I quite often come across people who say 'I'd like to take part (in a group), but i don't know who to contact', then there's all those latent potentials! I wonder how neatly synched up this is with recruitment channels i.e. How clear is the HOW and will all agencies / recruiters reap the benefit?

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