NEWS23 November 2018

Quirkos updates qual software

Data analytics News UK

UK – Qual data analytics software company Quirkos has released a new version – Quirkos 2 – of its intuitive software for qualitative analysis and insight.

First released four years ago, Quirkos’ user base has grown to more than 350 organisations across the work, including market research, academia and UN agencies.

Quirkos codes and explores qualitative text data sources and open-ended responses. It uses bubbles to represent emerging themes, showing discoveries live as they emerge from the data.

The updated version has a new user interface and makes the most commonly used features more accessible to new users. Other additions include rich-text support, memos and new ways to group and structure coding frameworks.

Director, Dr Daniel Turner said: “This new release is the result of months of internal work and feedback from dozens of beta testers and will let us meet the needs of many more qualitative researchers.”

He added that this updated laid the foundation for cloud-based services it would be launching next year.