NEWS8 July 2010

Quick poll site Opinionaided has designs on brand research budgets

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US— A web platform allowing people to poll their friends and family on any topic that takes their fancy is being opened up to brand owners looking for quick feedback from consumers.

The Opinionaided website is currently in a private beta test but the functionality has been publicly available for some time as an iPhone app.

Developed by digital marketing firm Kurani Interactive, the app and website works by letting users upload pictures – of an outfit they plan to wear, say, or a DVD they intend to buy – and getting other users to vote and comment on whether they are in favour or against.

Facebook and Twitter integration means Opinionaided questions can be shared by users within their own social networks.

Kurani plans to allow brand owners to piggyback on this platform, integrating paid-for questions in among the stream of user-generated polls.

According to the Opinionaided website, price plans start at $295 for 100 correlated responses.


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12 years ago

Brand research is becoming more important than ever as customers become big advocates or naysayers of products. It's interesting to see this kind of technology develop. This gives consumers a way to conduct their own brand research at a purely grassroots level. I wonder if companies will pay attention, and begin to monitor sites like this?

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