NEWS14 July 2009

Quattro forms mobile analytics alliance with Havas’s Mobext

Data analytics North America

US— Mobile ad network Quattro Wireless is partnering with ad group Havas to develop more sophisticated analytic tools to help brands better understand the impact of mobile marketing on their overall campaigns.

Quattro will be working with Mobext, the mobile marketing arm of Havas Digital on the initiative, the pair having previously worked together on mobile site sponsorships, mobile advertising programmes and the creation and hosting of advertiser campaign sites for clients including Amtrak, Kmart, Volvo and McDonald’s.

As part of this agreement, Mobext will incorporate mobile campaign data into Artemis, the master data warehouse owned by Havas Digital’s interactive media network Media Contacts, so that clients can link online and mobile campaign results.

The agency claims clients are “eager” to integrate mobile into their overall digital media strategies, both to compare relevant metrics like click rates and engagement rates and to understand how the unique behaviour of the mobile consumer can improve overall campaign results.