NEWS20 December 2022

Qualtrics releases platform enhancements

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US – Experience management business Qualtrics has added new features to its customer feedback tool XM Platform.

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The platform has had its XiD dashboard enhanced allow it to use different types of data, including transactional data such as visits and purchases, demographic and other experiential information such as sentiment, effort emotion.

Qualtrics said that the intent was to understand key customer trends, identify potential gaps and access actionable insights faster.

The company is also deepening the integration between XiD and its work automation engine xFlow to help organisations to automatically trigger personalised engagement and outreach.

Qualtrics aid this includes the ability to trigger workflows based on changes in customer contact information, transaction data or changes in customer segment membership.

Brad Anderson, president of products and engineering at Qualtrics, said: “In a tightening economy, companies are looking for efficient, at-a-glance insights that can provide unique perspectives at scale so they can get to know their customers on a deeper level and automatically deliver tailored experiences.”