NEWS1 June 2023

Qualtrics opens Dublin-based Emea HQ

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REPUBLIC OF IRELAND – Experience management firm Qualtrics has opened its Europe, Middle East and Africa (Emea) headquarters in Dublin.


The headquarters will be based at Costello House on Clarendon Row in the city centre and will feature an experience management innovation centre focused on artificial intelligence (AI).

A research and development experience management innovation centre is also planned for the new headquarters as well as an immersive executive briefing centre.

Qualtrics, which has its global headquarters in the US, has almost 400 employees in Dublin, having been in the city for a decade, and is aiming to hire more locally.

The Emea headquarters incorporates a purpose-built office space into Qualtrics’ previous office, doubling the size of the facility and introducing new amenities including a gym, yoga studio, games room and on-site masseuse, as well as Dermot’s Pub, which was moved and restored from Qualtrics previous office.

Brad Anderson, president of products and engineering at Qualtrics, said: “The depth of talent we are able to access in Ireland makes it a perfect place for our Emea headquarters.

“As we continue to build across Emea, the XM Innovation Centre will be central to our ability to drive innovation.”

Irish minister for enterprise, trade and employment Simon Coveney said: “I warmly welcome this announcement from Qualtrics as they open their new Emea HQ in Dublin city centre.

“With the new office capacity allowing for growth from 400 to 500 staff, this is also hugely positive and welcome news.”