NEWS1 September 2023

Qualtrics launches patient experience tool

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US – Experience management company Qualtrics has created a complaints and grievances tool to support quality of care in healthcare organisations.

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The tool, called Qualtrics Complaints and Grievances, will help healthcare providers better manage patient feedback with holistic listening and actionable insights to help improve the patient experiences.

Qualtrics Complaints and Grievances will also bring together experience data, automated workflows and dashboards and reports to provide healthcare organisations with data insights on patient experience.

Dr Adrienne Boissy, chief medical officer at Qualtrics, said: “Part of how we achieve a reduction in harm is being inclusive of emotional harm – not just physical harm – and complaints and grievances are a key data source.

“With the Qualtrics Complaints and Grievances solution, we take one massive step forward to holistic listening to experience data and have created all the thoughtful, secure design it needs.”