NEWS21 October 2010

QSR rolls out NVivo 9, adds live collaboration feature

Asia Pacific Technology

AUSTRALIA— Software developer QSR International today launched an upgraded version of its NVivo qualitative data analysis software, adding a live team collaboration feature via a new server pack.

Version 9 of the NVivo software also boasts new query and visualisation features. CEO John Owen said: “For the first time users can run automated queries to quickly test theories or uncover patterns in their data and then see their results in visual form.”

As well as working with unstructured data like documents, PDFs, pictures, audio and video, QSR said NVivo users will also now be able to analyse survey responses and other data contained in spreadsheets and database tables.

Owen says: “Analysis is not just about number and the ‘what and when’ any more – it’s about a whole host of information sources which focus on the why and how.”