NEWS28 August 2013

Pulsate joins Dell, Intel and Revolution to create big data centre

Asia Pacific Data analytics

MALAYSIA — Big data firm Pulsate is collaborating with industry majors Dell, Intel, and Revolution Analytics to set up Malaysia’s first big data analytics centre.

The collaboration pools expertise from the four companies and aims to offer big data analytics infrastructure, solutions, training and proof-of-concept for innovative projects for businesses and government organisations.

Pulsate CEO Bob Chua said: “We believe Asia has the highest long-term growth potential for big data as organisations are only now starting to realise its numerous benefits. The synergy with our marketing analytics history and Asian dominance puts us in a good position to capitalise on the growth for big data applications in Asia going forward.”

In addition, the company has also announced a big data academy in Kuala Lumpur as part of its stated aim to become Asia’s premier big data solutions provider.