NEWS7 September 2012

Print auditing bodies ABC and CAC agree merger

M&A North America

US— Newspaper and magazine auditors ABC and CAC have agreed a merger, subject to a vote by members of CAC.

The plan is for CAC to become a subsidiary of ABC. CAC will retain its independent brand and have a separate board of directors, by-laws, audit statements and staff but both organisation anticipate making cost savings as a result of the merger.

Working together, ABC and CAC say advertisers and ad agencies can expect a new “comprehensive” database of print and digital circulation for nearly 2,000 daily and weekly US newspapers.

CAC newspapers will be included in ABC’s twice-yearly FAS-FAX report and the combined organisation plans to establish a set of industry-wide qualification guidelines and labeling standards to provide advertisers “a more cohesive data set to efficiently evaluate multimedia newspaper brands”.

Marsha Lawrence, director of media investment at Novus Media and a CAC director, said: “Media buyers have been supportive of this initiative from the start. We always want more comprehensive newspaper data, and CAC joining with ABC will help accomplish just that.”