NEWS1 September 2020

Potentiate joins forces with MirrorWave

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US & NEW ZEALAND – Market research agency Potentiate and New Zealand analytics company MirrorWave have partnered on longitudinal customer feedback.

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Through the partnership, Potentiate will gain access to MirrorWave’s longitudinal system, which regularly re-contacts individuals to track customer feedback over time.  

Potentiate will add the system to its services globally. Chief executive Peter Harris (pictured) said: “The power it provides in following customers, employees and partners over time means that companies can create stronger and deeper relationships, leading to greater loyalty and advocacy.”

Founded in 2009, MirrorWave operates in New Zealand, Australia, the US, Germany and South Africa.

Reg Price, director and co-founder, MirrorWave, said: “We’re delighted they saw the potential for working together to bring MirrorWave’s specialised longitudinal system, which maps out relationships and experiences over time, to their global network.”

The terms of the partnership have not been disclosed.