NEWS9 November 2011

Polygraph Media launches to help clients improve social media presence

North America Trends

US— Former Microsoft executive and marketing author Chris Treadaway has launched Polygraph Media, an analytics platform for companies to understand the effectiveness of theirs, and their competitors’, social media properties.

Polygraph looks at immediate audience, extended network size, key demographics, number of likes, followers, friends, trending topics, top keywords, comment numbers, @replies and total view counts. The data is segmented by account, time, or in ways defined by the user.

The platform, currently in private beta mode, produces reports “like a credit report” that scores a company on how well they or their competitors are using social media. The reports help identify a company’s most engaged and influential fans, flag up which types of interactions take place on a page and highlight the most popular times of the day for people to interact with a company on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

Treadaway (pictured) said: “Social media data is a giant black hole for brands. Data is routinely ignored. Executives and marketers have wildly different views about what the data represents, and how to measure success. Consultants usually add to the confusion. With Polygraph, we want to provide users with the clear understanding that only data can provide. We want to help companies truly know themselves and how they are performing, and what has been effective or not for their competitors.”