NEWS3 November 2016

Political ads have negative ‘hangover effect’ on brand ads

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US — New research has revealed that political advertising generates negative emotions in consumers, creating a negative ‘hangover effect’ on how brand advertising is then consumed.

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The research, from J Walter Thompson and Forethought, was based on a survey of 3,600 people in the US.

It found that political advertising, including those with positive messages, generate negative emotions in consumers, who then ‘have a difficult time compartmentalising these feelings'.

Brand advertising is perceived as 32% less relevant, 29% less entertaining and 27% less appealing when it follows a political ad, the research reveals.

And this reportedly goes beyond how consumers perceive a brand’s advertising: brand reputation declines by 34%, perception of product value declines by 32% and product quality perception declines by 24%. 

“This study underpins the importance of media placement and, although it might feel like the oldest advertising rule, marketers shouldn’t underestimate the impact other content can have on their brand and their advertising; as this ‘hangover effect’ is unlikely to be isolated to politics or TV,” said Lynn Power, CEO of J Walter Thompson New York.