NEWS5 June 2009

Polish researchers most trusted, GfK survey finds


GERMANY— Polish market researchers are the most trusted in Europe, according to the results of GfK’s latest Trust Index Survey, which rates the most ‘trustworthy’ professions.

Eighty-three per cent of respondents in Poland said they had faith the profession, with the lowest figures coming from Greece ( 47%) and the US ( 48%).

Trust in researchers was also high in Portugal ( 81%), Brazil ( 79%), the Czech Republic ( 76%) and Germany ( 73%). Opinion was split 50/50 in the UK.

Out of 17,295 respondents across 17 countries, 55% rated market research as a trusted profession, up one point on last year’s survey.

Over all, the fire service was voted the most trustworthy profession by 92% of respondents and politicians again were the least trusted, with just 18% voting for them.