NEWS9 June 2010

GfK finds Hungarian researchers most trusted in 19-country survey


GERMANY— Market researchers in Hungary are the most trusted in the world, according to GfK’s latest Trust Index Survey which ranks professions by their “trustworthiness”.

The level of trust in researchers stood at 77% in Hungary, while French respondents had the lowest level of trust in the profession at 49%.

Other countries where researchers scored highly in the trust stakes were Romania ( 73%), Poland ( 69%), Germany ( 68%), Sweden ( 68%), Spain ( 67%) and Bulgaria ( 67%). In the UK, the level of trust in market researchers was 53%.

Levels of distrust were highest in Turkey ( 54%) and the US ( 53%).

Globally, 55% of respondents rated researchers as ‘trustworthy’, higher than professions including lawyers, bankers, journalists, managers and politicians.

The fire service again topped the poll with a trustworthiness rating of 94%. A total of 18,800 respondents across 19 countries were surveyed to compile the index.