NEWS1 February 2013 to offer real-time scoring of Super Bowl ads with Dialsmith

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US — Philadelphia-based news website is to use Dialsmith’s Slidermetrix technology to allow readers to score their favourite Super Bowl commercials in real-time.


Readers are presented with a slider below the videos, that can be moved side to side according to how much they like or dislike an ad. The video can then be replayed showing the user’s response, overlaid with the average of all other viewers.

“Super Bowl advertisements are always the talk of the country, and now is providing our audience the chance to talk back, in real-time, by scoring their favourite ads and comparing their preferences with those of their friends and other users,” said Matt Romanoski, executive producer of sports,

“We anticipate a tremendous response and believe this will make every Super Bowl party more interactive and entertaining for everyone. We can then use this social rating service approach to determine the most popular moment of all the ads, which promises to be fascinating.”