NEWS18 September 2009

P&G and HeadlightVision veterans form new agency

News UK

UK— Two former P&G researchers and a co-founder of HeadlightVision’s HV3 division have formed a new agency, InsightOut.

Morgan Arnell (pictured), Justin Wright and Nick Pye are aiming to help clients make more out of their research.

“We feel the industry has been a bit guilty of doing the same thing for a long time, and the only way we can ensure research isn’t being wasted is by a different approach,” Arnell told Research. “We can be there for companies that don’t have a capability at all, but equally we can go into big companies that have that capability, and help them use it more effectively.”

Arnell, who previously worked on the clientside for companies including P&G, Kimberly Clark and Boots, said that research agencies are too often tied to their own set of tools and methodologies, making it difficult for them to be objective in their choice of approaches.

InsightOut aims to work with a range of agencies to help end clients select the best approach and “develop a learning agenda”, staying with them after a project is complete to disseminate and embed the learnings into the organisation.

Wright also worked at P&G and later HeadlightVision, while Pye spent eight years with The Value Engineers and co-founded HeadlightVision’s strategy and innovation consulting division HV3.