NEWS1 October 2010

Peanut Labs and Civic Science tap the ‘Wisdom of the Web’

North America Technology

US— Sample provider Peanut Labs and software maker CivicScience have created a system that embeds short-form polls in news and social media sites and tracks individual respondents’ answers as they accumulate.

Peanut Labs specialises in recruiting survey participants through social networks in exchange for virtual currency. The new ‘Wisdom of the Web’ system uses embedded polls of just one to three questions, but links participants’ answers to a unique identifier, which allows a profile to build up. “As a respondent’s profile grows, the delivery of new questions can be optimised to build an increasingly valuable profile of attitudes, beliefs, preferences and demographics,” the firms said.

Senior vice president Sean Case said the system allows Peanut Labs to “provide our clients with a model to engage large numbers of respondents who may not otherwise have the time or inclination to participate in attitudinal research”.

Respondents are able to view their own data online, and can request that past answers be removed.

It was announced earlier this week that Peanut Labs has been acquired by Research Now’s parent company e-Rewards, and is to be integrated with Research Now next year.