NEWS19 February 2018

PatSnap releases Workspaces cloud platform

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UK – Research and development (R&D) analytics company PatSnap has launched PatSnap Workspaces, its cloud platform to help R&D collaboration.

The tool helps R&D teams to manage work, set up automatic alerts for technology areas and competitors, track patent reviewing, capture important patents and annotate them. Observations can be shared among colleagues to avoid duplication. Lists of patents can be marked with comments and custom fields, shared, and edited by anyone in an organisation with a PatSnap account.

Other features of PatSnap Workspaces include creating and including custom data dimensions or fields for personalised analyses.

Markus Haense, CTO at PatSnap said: “Communication and collaboration between R&D and other business departments is often extremely poor. Sales, marketing, finance, HR and other departments all have their set of dedicated software tools. R&D is for the most part flying blind – they haven’t got their metrics in place, leading to communication breakdowns and inefficiencies.”