NEWS7 February 2018

PatSnap joins WIPO patent programme

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UK – R&D analytics firm PatSnap has joined the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s (WIPO) Access to Specialised Patent Information (ASPI) programme.

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The move will allow eligible patent offices and academic and research institutions in developing countries, through joining the ASPI programme, to receive free or low-cost access to PatSnap’s R&D analytics platform.

The ASPI programme was launched by WIPO in 2010 to support developing countries by leveraging information contained in patent documents and to develop solutions to technical problems at local and international levels.

Yo Takagi, assistant director general of WIPO, said: “The World Intellectual Property Organisation is pleased to welcome PatSnap as a partner in the Access to Specialised Patent Information (ASPI) programme in making available sophisticated patent search and analysis tools for free or at low cost to institutions in least developed and other developing countries. This contributes to ASPI’s goal of encouraging innovation and economic development.”

The other patent database service providers signed up to the programme are LexisNexis, PatBase, Questel, Clarivate Analytics, WIPS Global, PatSeer and Ambercite.