NEWS7 April 2010

Passenger makes play to be online community partner to MR agencies

New business North America

US— Online community builder Passenger has started pitching itself as a partner to digital marketing and market research agencies, offering its technology platform through a channel partner programme led by executives Mitch Gordon and JJ Cramer.

The move follows on from the launch last year of a self-service version of its software, that allows companies to set up, manage and interact with communities of their customers or prospects for either research, marketing or product development purposes.

Passenger says its channel partnership programme “gives agencies a choice to build and run successful online communities on their own or to utilise Passenger’s seasoned engagement, insights and moderation teams”.

CEO Steve Howe said: “Leveraging private communities is emerging as a key component of brands’ social media strategies, and also as a valuable research tool for deriving real-time insight into consumer behaviour and sentiment.”

Passenger has worked direct for clients such as Fox, Adidas, Starbucks and Coca-Cola. Recent agency clients include Digitas, Tribal DDB and BBMG.

Forrester analyst Tamara Barber has blogged some thoughts about this development and what it means for competitors, clients and the online community market in general. Click here to join the discussion.