NEWS6 October 2009

Passenger launches SaaS community platform

North America Technology

US— Passenger has released a software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of its online community platform, boasting a 24-hour set-up time and needing “zero involvement” from outside community or IT managers.

The new platform includes “more advanced reporting tools” and additional features designed to boost engagement between community members, such as full profile views, member-initiated discussions and the ability to write on other member’s walls and comment on user-generated content.

Community members will also see personalised content based on their demographics and interests, said Passenger.

CEO Steve Howe said: “Our experience with our clients has confirmed that the online customer connection has become critical to brands’ overall success, as they have realised the proven value of our communities for consumer insight, innovation and brand advocacy.

“Now brands can generate and manage consumer insights from their own desktops, and marketing, consulting, ad and market research agencies can develop their own community practices around the platform to offer their clients.”