NEWS7 June 2011

Paradigm Sample unveils iPhone app

North America Technology

US— Panel firm Paradigm Sample has launched an iPhone app that allows users to conduct surveys with consumers aged 18-34.

The new app gives research agencies access to Paradigm’s IdeaShifters panel of 18-34 year olds from across the US all of whom use or have said they are open to using mobile devices.

Respondents who download the app can be sent tailored surveys and provide details about their location when taking part in questionnaires.

Sima Vasa, the firm’s CEO said: “As these consumers are already predisposed to mobile technology, it is easier and more effective to engage them with the iPhone app, and it reinforces the immediacy of the mobile platform for data collection.”

The firm said that an Android-compatible version of the app will be released over the next few months.