NEWS16 February 2017

Over half of Snapchat users open brand stories

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DENMARK – Over half of Snapchat users will open a brand’s story and 88% will watch the story to the end, according to a new quarterly report from independent Snapchat insight provider Snaplytics. 

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Snapchat allows individuals and brands to share temporary snaps (pictures and videos) and stories (a series of snaps posted less than two hours apart). 

The figures are based on analysis of over 500 brands, over 24,000 stories and a total of 217,000 ‘snaps'. 

The findings reveal that brands post on average 13 stories per month, with 11 snaps in each story. Over a third ( 38%) of the variance in completion rate can be explained by the number of snaps, with the remainder due to other variables such as demographics and video/ picture quality. 

Another key finding is that most users find brands by searching for usernames ( 64%), though Snapcodes ( 25%) and Deeplinks ( 9%) are also effective. 

Once on the platform, 55% of users will view a brand story, and 88% of those viewing the story will view it to the end. 

'The social network allows us to live in the present more so than any other network out there, which gives it a clear edge,’ the report reads. ‘Many marketers are seeing a declining trend in the organic reach of their posts on almost every social network except for Snapchat.

'The network is the best kept secret for businesses and here’s why: it offers a direct form of communication without getting too personal.'

The full report can be accessed here