NEWS4 April 2016

Over half of consumers would share smart home data for discounts

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GLOBAL — 54% of consumers around the world say they might be prepared to share personal data collected from smart homes in exchange for money, according to research.

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The research explored people’s attitudes to smart homes and security, and found that 70% agreed that companies should give coupons and discounts to customers in return for data about device usage. Millennials appeared to be more comfortable taking money, discounts and coupons in exchange for data from devices. 

66% said they were ‘very concerned’ about smart home data being hacked by cybercriminals. 

The research, commissioned by Intel Security, gathered views from 9,000 people in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Mexico, the US and the UK. 

“Smart homes and their associated data have the potential to improve consumers’ everyday lives,” said Steve Grobman, chief technology officer at Intel Security. “The survey shows that many individuals would be comfortable sharing their data for a price, but they are still understandably concerned about cyberthreats.

"Security has to be foundational to the Internet of Things and when done right, it can be an enabler of IoT.”