NEWS24 May 2016

Public blames organisations not hackers for data breaches

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UK – Organisations are considered more at fault than hackers when it comes to data leaks, according to a study by digital research agency, ResearchBods, in conjunction with insight and brand strategy consultancy, Sparkler.


Consumers see storing personal data securely at the website’s duty according to the research among 1,000 individuals.

It found that 94% want to actively control who has access to their data online, while 90% have taken action to conceal their online identity.

Millennials are so conscious of the dangers associated with being online that one in three put tape over their webcams in case someone is watching them.

The results also showed online video providers are among some of the sites least trusted to keep personal data secure. Social media sites and search engines also scored poorly when it came to the question of trust surrounding data security. Banks ranked highest for consumer confidence in keeping personal data secure.