NEWS26 October 2009

Opinium puts itself in poll position for 2010 election


UK— Opinium Research will conduct a weekly online poll tracking voter intention in the run up to the UK General Election in 2010.

The online poll will run as part of the firm’s omnibus study and will draw from a panel of some 2,000 respondents, asking which party they would vote for if an election were called tomorrow.

Mark Hodson, partner, told Research that Opinium was in negotiation with a number of clients who had expressed an interest in the poll.

He also explained that the poll has been running for a year in a bid to build up enough trend data for launch.

Opinium recently partnered with Michael Bruter, senior lecturer in political science and European Politics at the London School of Economics, for what the company claims was the “first ever research project assessing the meaning of European identity across approximately 30,000 citizens and 27 European Union member states”.