NEWS18 March 2024

OpinionWay launches AI Charter

AI Europe News

FRANCE – French marketing and opinion research business OpinionWay has created a charter of commitments on the use, ethics and best practice in using artificial intelligence (AI).


The charter has 12 commitments based on five broad areas: ensuring data security, reliability of results, reallocating resources, research and innovation, and sharing research with clients.

Key commitments include to invest in ongoing AI training, sharing AI knowledge and discoveries with clients and transparency in data management and storage.

The charter will be implemented in OpinionWay’s French business and overseas subsidiaries.

OpinionWay was founded in 2000 to focus on digitalising market research, and has offices in Paris and Bordeaux, as well as in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Poland and Ivory Coast.

Hugues Cazenave, president at OpinionWay, said: “The AI Charter is perfectly in line with OpinionWay’s philosophy, which aims to support its clients in a process of quality and excellence.

“It is also fully in line with the values and spirit of continuous innovation that drive our group.”

Luc Balleroy, managing director at OpinionWay, added: “By integrating advances in AI into our practices in a responsible and ethical manner, our aim is to remain at the forefront of innovation and to increase the value of our marketing analyses and opinion strategies, by freeing our employees from low-value tasks so that they can focus even more on analysis while guaranteeing our clients the reliability of our deliverables.

“Our AI Charter thus contributes to OpinionWay’s ambition to offer tailor-made solutions adapted to the evolving needs of the market.”