NEWS13 November 2015

Online video advertising quality still a challenge for UK brands

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UK — Despite increased investment by the UK’s digital advertising industry and greater consumption of video content, brands still face challenges in viewability, brand safety risk and ad fraud in online video advertising, according to new research.


The UK Media Quality Report for Q3 2015, by digital media quality measurement provider Integral Ad Science, is based on data collected from billions of impressions analysed each quarter. It found that in Q3 of this year, 54.5% of display ads were not in view, increasing to 67.9% of ad impressions not in view for video.

Brand risk — the likelihood of display ads to appear adjacent to inappropriate content — for display ads is 9.1%, while for video this risk increases to 16%.

Niall Hogan, UK managing director of Integral Ad Science comments, “Video advertising is one of the fastest growing media in the UK, and it’s important that we as an industry continue to tackle issues around viewability, online ad fraud and brand safety risk. We still have work to do in display advertising, but video has even greater challenges to overcome.” 

The full report can be accessed here.