NEWS15 June 2018

OnePoint Global to offer AR in surveys

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UK – Mobile market research company OnePoint Global is adding augmented reality question types to its survey app.

The addition will allow researchers to include augmented reality within surveys through its mobile research app, My Surveys. The development follows an announcement from Apple that its iOS 11 and 12 mobile operating systems, released in Autumn, will include AR capabilities.

Registered Apple developers can currently create apps using Apple’s ARKit and OnePoint Global’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) to include augmented reality surveys.

Doug Morris, chief technology officer at OnePoint Global, said: “AR developers can easily add market research functionality to their apps using our app SDKs without needing to be experts in the complex logic involved in surveys. We offer the added reassurance that our apps are designed to work reliably at scale and at speed and are fully supported and maintained.”