NEWS21 May 2018

OnePoint Global adds OCR to survey apps

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UK – Mobile market research software company one point Global has included intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) features to its survey app.

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The new feature to its My Survey App reads text within images and can trigger new surveys or question sets based on keywords within till receipts or product labels. The text can be stored more efficiently than image files and can be extracted for further processing or analysis, delivering data about when, where and by whom products are being purchased.

The app allows respondents to take surveys on or offline and lets them view or capture video, photo or audio clips while serving questionnaires based on location data, keywords and timing.

The company said the combination of geolocation triggering, OCR and keywords is unique and was developed for FMCG retail clients and MR firms specialising in consumer purchasing behaviours. 


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6 years ago

But does the survey work offline?

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