NEWS7 September 2020

One Inch Whale partners with Color Navigator

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BELGIUM – Research and consultancy firm One Inch Whale has agreed an exclusive partnership with visual communications company Color Navigator.

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The partnership will allow One Inch Whale to provide customers with access to Color Navigator’s scientific research on the right colours to use in branding, websites and communications.

The companies said they would also work together on tools that could identify consumer or product segments based on intuitive and unconscious colour preferences.

One Inch Whale focuses on behavioural economics, particularly its impact on shoppers, branding and innovation.

Wim Hamaekers, co-founder One Inch Whale, said: “By linking the impact and meaning of colours with other market research data, we get even closer to what consumers think and feel.

“In that sense, the partnership with Color Navigator is a logical and important addition to the toolbox and technology that we use.”

Thierry Lescrauwaet, founder and partner at Color Navigator, said: “We found One Inch Whale to be an ideal partner to use our colour expertise, tools and technology in market research.

“Moreover, in the run-up to the partnership, we already worked together on dozens of projects and that worked perfectly.”