NEWS4 December 2014

One in three ‘don't trust MR industry to safeguard personal data’

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GLOBAL — One in three people don’t trust market researchers to protect their personal data, according to the latest report from GRBN (Global Research Business Network).

The study, produced by GRBN and Research Now, with support from OnDevice, gathered views from just under 24,000 respondents aged 18+ across 24 countries.

It revealed that 36% of respondents globally were very concerned that their personal data might be misused. This level was highest in the Americas, at 48%. The results also showed that 31% of global respondents said they trusted the market research industry “very little” to protect their personal data.

However, other industries, including foreign banks, mobile phone operators and internet search firms are less trusted worldwide.

The report outlines that the market research industry has “a window of opportunity to build trust”, through transparency, informed consent and communication.

The full report can be accessed here.