NEWS18 May 2015

One in four online minutes spent on social media

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GLOBAL — The typical adult devotes 1.69 hours to online networking each day, according to new research from GlobalWebIndex.


The research, based on over 47,000 online interviews during Q1 2015, revealed that one in four online minutes is now spent on social media.

While Facebook has the most members ( 82% of respondents) and active users ( 42% of respondents), it is the only major network to have seen a fall in active usage during the last year (-9%). Looking at monthly activity, more people are visiting YouTube ( 81%) than Facebook ( 73%). However, over half of Facebook’s active users engage with the site more than once a day; a far higher figure than any other network.

The numbers using PCs and laptops to access social networks remain highest, but are edging gradually downwards. Figures for mobile and tablet access continue to rise.