NEWS27 May 2022

One in five Britons say they are unable to make ends meet

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UK – One in five Britons ( 22%) say they are currently struggling or unable to make ends meet, according to new polling by YouGov.

Man with empty wallet and bills to pay, representing the cost-of-living-crisis

The figures include one in six ( 17%) who say of their household financial situation, “I can only just afford my costs and often struggle to make ends meet” and a further 5% who say, “I cannot afford my costs, and often have to go without essentials like food and heating”.

When the same question was asked this time last year, 10% of Britons said that they were either struggling ( 8%) or unable ( 2%) to make ends meet.

The proportion of those aged 65 or above who say they are struggling or unable to make ends meet falls to 13%, with half of this age group saying they are either very ( 6%) or relatively ( 42%) comfortable financially.

One in three Britons ( 37%) overall describe their financial situation as “I do not often have money for luxuries, but can normally comfortably cover the essentials”.

Half of Britons ( 50%) say their household financial situation has deteriorated in the last month, while two in five ( 41%) say there has been no change.

Only 4% of Britons say things have improved for them in the last month, and three in five ( 60%) expect their finances to get worse over the next year. Just 21% expect to tread water financially, while 7% think their finances will get better.

Half of 2019 Conservative voters ( 48%) say their finances have become worse in the last month, and 60% expect them to deteriorate in the next 12 months.